Sarah Brumwell – Resilience, transferable skills and higher ed

One of HEQCO’s keynotes from the recent Transitions conference, Paul Tough, has a great piece in the June issue of The Atlantic on how kids learn resilience. This is familiar ground for him—Tough’s bestselling book, How Children Succeed, explains how qualities like perseverance, curiosity and self-control are just as crucial to a child’s success as academic ability. Tough’s Atlantic article is fascinating in that he […]

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Harvey P. Weingarten – Experiential education: Let there be evidence

The Business Council of Canada has added its voice to the now ubiquitous call for the expansion of postsecondary experiential education. The general direction and intent of the recommendations are sound, although we worry about the capacity to find meaningful experiential education opportunities for all students.  HEQCO and others have long argued the benefits of work-integrated learning to meet the demands of both a complex […]

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Nicholas Dion – Numeracy is not math

While the terms math and numeracy are often used interchangeably, they refer to quite different things, and the distinction plays an important – if often implicit – role in defining the scope of the conversations we have about numeracy skills. In brief, while math is conceptual and abstract, numeracy is the practical application of mathematical knowledge to solve a problem.The importance of this distinction became […]

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Ontario’s PhD Graduates from 2009, where are they now?

Ontario’s PhD Graduates from 2009 Where are they now? You might have heard that getting a PhD isn’t worth it, that job opportunities for graduates are scarce – even after 23+ total years in school. Is it true?   We checked in on the 2009 class of PhDs from Ontario universities. There were 2,310 graduates. They have had six years to settle into the job […]

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Nicholas Dion – An ode to options

After months of planning, HEQCO’s annual conference has come and gone once again. This year’s event set out with a particularly ambitious mission: to bring together individuals with stakes in different parts of the lifelong learning process. The target: to discuss issues of common concern, to break down the invisible barriers that all too often define the work we do in an attempt to move […]

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